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2023 Summer Music Camp

Dates: August 28-30th 2023

Time: 9am - 3pm daily
Ages: 9 - 12

Location: 1233 Charnelton St, Eugene, OR 97401

Our Summer Music Camp will be an enriching immersive program designed for youth to explore and develop their musical talents as Summer draws near a close.  In addition to music-focused activities, the camp incorporates fun and recreational events to create a well-rounded experience for the participants.  Students will collaborate with peers, engage in a wide range of musical activities, and unlock their passion for music.  

Key highlights of the Summer Music Camp include:

  1. Music Education: Participants will be introduced to various musical concepts such as rhythm, melody, harmony and collaborative creation.

  2. Instrumental Instruction: The camp offers specialized instruction for a variety of instruments, including voice, piano, ukulele, drumming and more. 

  3. Breakout workshops: Throughout the camp, skilled teachers and guest musicians will  conduct workshops and providing valuable insights and guidance on various aspects of music performance and composition.

  4. Music Composition and Songwriting: Aspiring composers and songwriters have the chance to explore their creativity and learn the fundamentals of music composition, arrangement, and songwriting.

Overall, our Summer Music Camp offers a rewarding and unforgettable experience that helps young musicians grow both as individuals and artists, equipping them with skills and inspiration to pursue their musical aspirations beyond the camp's duration.

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