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Guitar Lessons

Gus Jackson Memorial Scholarship

Gus Jackson Memorial Fund

Established 2022


Auguste (Gus) Jackson was born in 1993 in Newport, Oregon. Around the age of 13, Gus picked up the guitar and began emulating the musicians who inspired him. Throughout his life, music provided solace and self-esteem despite a challenging upbringing. It was also a connecting factor in many of his friendships, including that with Rachel Gabbert, President & Founder of the Music Education Collective non-profit.


In his teen years, Gus began using drugs recreationally. After struggling for several years with substance abuse, mental illness and homelessness, his body was found in Tacoma in early 2021.


The purpose of this scholarship is to provide opportunity to a youth who's expressed particular interest or aptitude in music. Be it a solo or shared experience, music has the power to help us communicate, help us heal, and helps keep kids on a better path and out of trouble. It provides them with a life-long outlet that encourages deep, expressive creativity. 


In a song he wrote for Rachel, Gus sang, “Music will provide a path if you keep taking chances.” We believe this whole-heartedly and endeavor to open opportunities for future musicians, encouraging them to invest in their future. 


Aspiring guitarists, The Gus Jackson Memorial Fund is now open to applicants! We are accepting handwritten or digital applications (available online at All submissions must be received by December 21, 2023.

Scholarship Overview:

This scholarship is designed to help one aspiring guitar student in Lane County establish a foundation in music. The scholarship is open to applicants 11-17 years of age. The fund allocates $500 for instrument(s), accessories and materials and $1,100 for lesson costs. 


Instrument, Materials, and Accessories:

A representative of the Music Education Collective will be available to assist in the purchase or rental of any materials. In the case that the recipient already has an instrument, the materials portion of the scholarship may be added towards lesson costs. In the event of loss or damage to instruments, accessories, and/or materials, the Music Education Collective will be held harmless and the responsibility of replacing them lies solely on the recipient and/or guardian.



A representative of the Music Education Collective will be available to assist in the selection process for music lessons. The recipient must adhere to the policies of their selected music studio, including but not limited to cancellation and rental policies.



There will be an arranged monthly contact with the Music Education Collective Board of Directors, which helps us ascertain the impact of this scholarship. Maintenance of this contact is required for continuation of scholarship.


The Music Education Collective maintains the right to suspend or revoke services of this scholarship.


Press release(s) will be made on the behalf of the Music Education Collective in print and other forms of media, which may include name, age, city, name of school and photo. 

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