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Available once we open doors. For immediate private lessons, please visit

Teacher and Pupil at Piano Lesson
Boys in Guitar Class

Private Lessons

Group Lessons

Girl with Guitar
Dollar Bill in Jar

Open Mic / Student Gigs


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Hopes for the future

Things we look forward to once we find a facility and open doors:

- Being  able to offer group classes  at a reduced rate from individual lessons
- Hosting our bi-annual Student Recitals in a familiar space

- Hosting  drop-in workshops available to the community
- Planning monthly jam sessions for interested students 
- Designing a  grab-and-play display of our rental or purchasable instrument options 
- Offering an  "open practice" block of time specifically catered to students who don't have access to a home instrument 
- Encourage students to plan and perform their own "gigs" held at the studio

- Planning  an Open Mic night where anyone can come check the space out and be involved, regardless of enrollment status 
- Scholarships for lessons

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